13 January 2023

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6 Effective Tips To Boost The Value Of Your Home

Posted By: Sarah Schwartz

6 Effective Tips To Boost The Value Of Your Home 

Appreciation is the biggest reward for any real estate investment. Whether you bought your home for residential purposes or plan to resell, you have much more to gain when it appreciates in value.  

According to a recent Angi report, the second most popular reason homeowners take on home improvement projects is to boost their home’s value. The most popular reason is to fix existing issues. 

This article provides practical tips to grow the value of your St Johns County and Duval County home investments and position yourself to get the best out of the property, whether you decide to sell or not. 

How can you boost your home’s value?  

Asides from major renovations, here are a few things you can do to improve your home and make it appreciate in value;

1. Declutter and deep-clean. 

Everyone prefers a clean and well-organized space to ‘chaos.’  The first thing you should do to boost your home’s value is to clean and declutter. You should get rid of the unimportant things to create more functional space, and then deep clean everywhere. 

The best part? You do not need a large budget for this. You and your family can declutter your closets and cabinets, dust the high places, mop the floor, wipe the windows, and wash your baseboards. 

2. Retouch your curb appeal. 

Curb appeal improvement is another move that has proven to work. Simple tasks like mowing the lawn, washing your windows, and power washing your driveway can greatly appreciate your home’s value. You may also introduce new plants and fresh mulch to create an incredible visual impact on appraisers and buyers. 

3. Improve your home’s finishes. 

You can try out simple superficial changes instead of extensive renovations. The former tends to have a bigger impact on potential buyers. For example, sprucing your home with a fresh coat of paint can raise your home’s likely sales price considerably. Other basic improvements like installing new light fixtures, replacing your front doors, and updating your mailbox and house numbers can have significant positive effects when you have 32092 homes for sale. 

4. Invest in your bathroom and kitchen.

The kitchen and bathroom are the two most important rooms in any home. That is why realtors in St Johns advise homeowners to put some money into their kitchens and bathrooms. Although this is a cost-intensive move, you can still get excellent returns on investment even with a slim budget.  For example, if you remodel your bathroom or kitchen, you can get as much as a 50% to 100% increase in your Jacksonville home value. 

5. Introduce energy-efficient features and appliances. 

Everyone, including potential home buyers, want to spend as little as possible on utility bills. Therefore, the demand for energy-efficient homes in St. Johns County and Duval County is higher. You can take advantage of this by upgrading your home’s features to energy-efficient options. You can choose modestly priced modern home appliances if your budget is insufficient to accommodate advanced energy-efficient appliances.  Even the simplest upgrades can drive the sale price considerably higher. 

6. Complete unfinished spaces. 

If you have 32084 homes for sale, leaving some parts of such a home unfinished will harm its value. St Johns realtors often consider square footage when determining the fair market value of any home. This does not have to be significant makeovers—throwing in a carpet and setting up drywall can transform an unfinished room into a proper, habitable space. 

Boosting Your Home’s Value Works

Most homeowners tend to go the route of renovations, especially when there are major structural changes. While this also drives the value of a home up, combining a few simpler upgrades can bring similar results for your Clay County homes. 

Is your Duval County home looking a little out of place and unsure how to start? Hire the best realtor in St Johns and Jacksonville by working with the Sarah Schwartz Group. Our proven experience and knowledge of the area as the best Jacksonville realtor can come in handy in improving your home’s value and re-shaping it into what buyers and appraisals really want. 

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